Workers' Party of Bellinsgauzenia
WPB logo
General Secretary Devon Moore
Founded September 9, 12009
Headquarters Amery, Bellinsgauzenia
National affiliation Workers' Party of Antarctica
Ideology Liberal Communism
Democratic socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Official colors International orange
Politics of Antarctica
Political parties

The Workers' Party of Bellinsgauzenia (Russian: Трудовая партия Беллинсгаузении, Trudovay partiya Bellinsgauzenii; French: Parti du travail de Bellinsgauzenie), also referred to simply as the Sprocket Party, is a political organization and regional party of the Workers' Party of Antarctica within the State of Bellinsgauzenia.

Prior to the merger with the Communist Party of Antarctica, the Sprocket Party acted as a single and sovereign party. The original party was established on September 9, 12009 by Devon Moore.

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