Ventana operating system desktop
Based on: Kubuntu
OS Type: Unix-like
Working state: Current
Source model: Free and open source software
Initial release: 12011 (beta)
Latest stable release: None
Available languages: Multilingual (more than 55)
Update method: APT
Package manager: dpkg
Supported platforms: i386, AMD64
Default user interface: KDE 4.6

Ventana is a computer operating system based on the Kubuntu Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software. It is the official operating system of the Federated States.

History and development processEdit

Ventana is based on the KDE variant of Ubuntu distribution, known as Kubuntu. Currently, Ventana uses all Ubuntu repositories.


"Ventana" is Spanish for "Window". The name is a suggestion that it is an alternative to the proprietary Microsoft Windows.


KDE FSA Logo Official Oxygen

Official KDE logo

Ventana's default web browser is Chromium, in contrast to Rekonq, which is the default in Kubuntu and Firefox, which is the default in Ubuntu and most Linux distributions.

The Zoneinfo database has been modified to include Antarctic cities and time zones in the clock settings. Most notably, Hillary (UTC-12) time is included. This zone is omitted from virtually every operating system in the world.

Ventana is shipped with LibreOffice, Google Earth, Kaffeine 0.8.9, Adept Package Manager, Chromium Web Browser, Inkscape, GIMP, WINE, third-party software to allow MP3 and DVD playback, as well as the KDE base from Kubuntu.

In development is the official Federated States KDE logo. In subsequent releases, this logo will be integrated into the branding.