State of New South Greenland
Estado de Nueva Groenlandia del Sur

Flag of New South Greenland
Location of New South Greenland
Location of New South Greenland (red)

Capital: Ellsworth
Other cities: Pensacola, San Marino
None (de jure)
  Regional: English and Spanish (de facto)
Demonym: New South Greenlandic, New South Greenlander
Governor: David Powell (Acting)
Ranked 4th
  Land:   897
Time zone: Papa to Sierra
  UTC: (UTC-3 to -6)
Abbreviations: SG, NSG

New South Greenland is a proposed state belonging to the Federated States of Antarctica. It consists of a small enclave on a rock outcropping in the Transantarctic Mountain range near the Ronne Ice Shelf. The state shares its name with the traditional name of the physiographic region where it exists. Since any unoccupied area south of the 60th parallel is a potential site for future Federation settlements, all potential future enclaves located between 37.5° and 97.5° West longitude and between the Antarctic Circle and 82.5° South latitude would be part of the state. Before August 12, 12011, the state was known as Palmer Land.

Cities and TownsEdit

A listing of proposed settlements in New South Greenland:

Adelaides Borough

Chilkoot Borough

Ellsworth Municipality

Nanook Borough

Friazona Borough

Unorganized Borough

(*) indicates borough seat