The FSA Point of View guidelines for FSA Wiki are a summary of the norms expected in an article written for the Federated States.

Spelling and Language Edit

The Federated States uses the standard spelling and language norms of American English, as opposed to those of British or "Commonwealth" English.

Weights and Measures Edit

Officially, the Federated States uses the Imperial or U.S. Customary system of measurement. However, science uses the Metric system, which is also officially used in Bellinsgauzenia. For FSAWiki articles, be sure to provide all units of measurements in the Imperial system. Metric equivalents, if included, should be shown in parentheses following the Imperial measurement. Articles pertaining to Bellinsgauzenia may be exempt from this guideline.

Time and Calendar Edit

The Federated States uses the Month-Day-Year standard for expressing dates, as opposed to the European Day-Month-Year standard. Dates should be expressed using Holocene years. Time should be expressed in a 24-hour format (00:00) with hours and minutes separated by colons.