Township of Devonport

Flag of Devonport

66°27'25.86"S 110°30'8.56"E

Country: Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica Federated States
State: Flag of Bellinsgauzenia Bellinsgauzenia
Borough: Wilkes Oblast
Demonym: Denonporter

  20 sq mi
Established: 12009
Time zone: Hotel Time Zone (UTC+8)
Area code: 36
Post code: 3101-3149

Devonport (Russian: Девонпорт) is a proposed town to be located in eastern Bellinsgauzenia. Unlike most of the proposed cites of Bellinsgauzenia, Devonport would be a true port-city (with a physical connection to the ocean).

Name Edit

Devonport shares the same name with the towns located in Australia, England, and New Zealand; which all originate from the town in Devon, England. Ironically, the founder of Devonport, Bellinsgauzenia, was Devon Moore (who chose the name after himself).

Sister cities Edit

The following are proposed sister cities for Devonport.

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